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3 Front-Mount Vests For Sale

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I have 3 front-mounted vests for sale. These were purchased as part of a lot of equipment last year, and I don’t need this many backup vests!

All vests are sold as-is, are available for test in NY or NJ, and can ship at the buyer’s expense.

Contact me at willsvideo@gmail.com or 215-796-8938 if you’re interested. (Please be patient, as I’m working!)

  1. Custom front mount vest of unknown make
    • This vest looks to be in good shape, though it does appear to have been used. It is quite adjustable, with a lot of Velcro strapping and sliding shoulder and chest buckles.
    • Asking $1500 for this vest
  2. 3A Vest with new back leather
    • This vest is well-worn, and could probably use some rebuilding eventually, but seems functional. It has a new piece of solid back leather, rather than the multiple pieces of the original vest.
    • Asking $1000 for this vest
  3. 3A Vest in need of service
    • The metal parts of this vest are intact, and it includes all of the leather and straps (though they're mismatched from several different donor vests), but the pads are in sad shape, and the foam has disintegrated. This vest could use to be rebuilt by someone like Janice Arthur, but could probably save you some money as it is mostly mechanically intact.
    • Asking $750 for this vest

Vest1 - 1.jpeg

Vest1 - 2.jpeg

3A - 1.jpeg

3A - 2.jpeg

3A_2 - 1.jpeg

3A_2 - 2.jpeg

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