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Walter Klassen Deluxe Steadicam Harness For Sale

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Purchased this vest end of last year while hunting for the prefect vest. Because I'm a new op. I did not realize that I would lose so much weight operating. So this vest is just a little too big for me and is looking for a new owner.

purchased it used, but used it maybe once or twice before I realized it was sliding through my whole body and my shoulders were doing all the work.


pretty much want to get what I paid or close to it




original post from previous owner:

Walter Klassen Deluxe Steadicam Harness.

Purchased gently used and then rarely used as a back up to my original WK Harness.  This is the newer style with the single bolt vertical sliding arm.  Biased for regular (non goofy) operator.  Comes with travel bag, spare buckles, straps, etc, air bladder pump, tool bag.

Sized for operators 6 feet tall or taller.  34 inch and up waist size.

Had marks of better than normal wear and tear when i got it and has been very well cared for since.  As far as toughness and lifespan go, there is no better investment than a Walter Klassen Harness.  My original Harness (and the one i still use everyday) was purchased new back in 1997-1998 and other than what upgrades WK could do for me, it is the same harness.  This is also the most comfortable harness i have tried and i have either owned or demoed for an extended period almost every other vest out there including the Tiffen Exovest and the PRO vest.

Buyer is responsible for shipping costs, insurance, customs (if applicable).

This is a used piece of equipment and is sold “as is”.  No warranty Is expressed or implied.  Gear has been thoroughly checked and tested to be working as it should.

Selling for $3500.

Serious buyers only.
US buyer preferred.












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Hey Arnold, I'd like to purchase your harness.  But before I commit, could you give me the serial number of the harness so I can check with Walter Klassen if the measurements are compatible.  He/they keep the records of every harness they make in their files.  I also have an older WK harness, but I'd like to upgrade to a newer version.  The thing I want to double check with WK is the angle of the hips, as this can be a problem if it's very different than my own hip angle... Anyway, if I can confirm that, I'd proceed with the purchase.

Keep me posted,


Francois Archambault, S.O.C.

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