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Fujinon Cinema Zoom 10-100mm T 1.8 with Fujinon Cinema Primes 20mm & 40mm T1.5 with Lens Adapter for both B-4 mounts and Pl mounts

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This is an incrediblly versatile  Digital Cinematography Lens Set- They will work on both 2/3 chip cameras ( i.e.: Sony F900- Black Magic, ENG Video Cameras) as well as Full Sensor cameras ( I.E. Sony F-5 Sony F-55 , Sony F3, Red cameras with 2K center scan mode)  The LENS SET  includes the following:

The Fujinon 10mm-100mm 10X  HD SUPER Cine T 1.8 zoom Lens:

The Fujinon HAe10x10 10-100mm 10x Cine Zoom Lens is part of Fujinon's premier series of 2/3" HD lenses designed for digital cinematography. The lens features a 10x zoom across a familiar 10-100mm focal range, and its fast maximum aperture of T1.8 enables excellent control over depth of !eld.
The overall high quality of the HAe10x10 zoom makes the lens ideal for episodic TV, commercials, green-screen shoots, independent production, or any other cinematic projects that employ 2/3" HD cameras. E series lenses o"er top optical performance, with no breathing and no ramping. This lens was originally purchased from Fuji  in 2007 for $65,000.00. Still retails today from $2500.00 to $5500.00 

-Customized case and swing away studio matte box and lens support are included. 
Focal Length 10-100mm-T-No. T1.8-Zoom Ratio 10x-Close Focus Limit .94m (36.96")-Size ø 128x287mm-Weight 5.8kg (12.76lbs)-Application 2/3" B4 mount HD Camera-Mount B4 2/3 inch-Iris Blades 11

Fujinon HD Cine Prime Lens :

The 20mm ( T1.5- Close Focus 18")  and 40mm  ( T 1.5- Close Focus 20") Prime lens , incredibly sharp and fast at T1.5 with uniformed and well marked  Iris and focus gears-. these Lens once retailed at over five figures each are still selling for between $1500.00 - $2500.00  EACH

Sony B4 to Pl Lens Adapter:

This is what makes this package very versatile - Now you can use the above Lens not only for Cine HD cameras like the Sony F-900 and eng cameras- but with this adapter- these lens can be used with Sony Full Sensor camera that have 2K center scan mode - ( Sony F-5, Sony F-55 , Sony F3)  as well as RED camera under the same specs. This Lens adapter has the same qualities as the Abacus 132 convertor.

The B4 to PL-Mount Super 16mm Adapter for PMW-F5 / F-55 from Sony converts B4 (2/3-inch) zoom and prime lenses to PL-mount, Super 16mm format for use with the PMW-F5 and F55 when shooting in 2K Center Scan mode. It is compact in size and features high-quality optics with no image degradation and minimal light loss at less than 0.5 T-Stop. This Lens adapter retails at $3500.00 at B&H
ASKING $4499.00
EMAIL ONLY : jeromefauci@me.com

All of these Lens have been maintained and bench tested - IMG_3518.jpeg.8775b29166d6d0b57244d40fec636d16.jpeg 
Why spend over 4000.00 EACH on some Compact PL  Prime Lens that are inferior to these Lens -When you can have some great Glass that works on both 2/3 chip and full sensor cameras .


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