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Betz handheld rig

Ramon Engle

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Im currently on a show that requires A Camera to convert to Steadicam. Ive purchased the Betz handheld rig that allows you to take the camera with the steadicam plate and mount directly to handheld mode. I also have the Betz tripodlockplate that allows you to mount to your existing head.

The shoulder mount has a pitch adjustment for your shoulder, baby pin receiver, the pad rotates forward and aft and the rosettes can accept several versions of existing grips. You have to tell Betz what brand you have or you can use theirs. It's a great setup. Well made and the support from Munich is amazing.

The photo is a Sony Venice with an Arri Signature full frame 35mm prime with shape handles.

I'm a fan.



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I've owned the Betz Handhled rig for a number of years and if you are using one camera body for all modes, it is a wonderful device! The baby pin receiver on the bottom is a great addition . Both my ACs and my Dolly Grip on the film I just finished kept commenting on how it was the best setup they've seen. Andre, I do wish the camera were a little lower on the shoulder though - I often just put a long Steadicam plate (like the one Peter Abraham makes) on the bottom of the camera and place that directly on my shoulder so I can find the CG. I was switching between modes so often on this job that I wanted to use my XCS plate (best plate for use within the Wave because of the side-to-side adjustment) at all times and it is too short to put directly on the shoulder. Nice within the Betz unit though as you can slide it to find the CG.


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