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Full Preston HU-3 and MDR3, FIZ, Single Channel, 3 motors, etc

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Full Preston FI+Z kit for sale in very good condition. This system is fully up to date and serviced and maintained by Monster Remotes for me. I am  located in Brooklyn NY.

$25,000 Plus shipping.

If interested or for more info email: noheatmac@gmail.com

Kit includes

HU3 Handset     S/N 1644

6 Focus Rings (A to E + blank)

7 batteries and 2 chargers (#10050603, #10055815)

HU3SC Side Cover

HU3 padded hand Grip

Neck Strap

MDR3    S/N 2332

PFIC Preston Focus / Iris Controller   S/N1606

MR-PFIC Marking Ring

Digital Microforce 2    S/N D252290

HU3MF2 Mounting Bracket

2 x DMF2 - HU3 Zoom Cables (8inch, 20ft) L14P L6P RED/GREY)


1 x DM1X and hill bracket  S/N 3296 (wide gear)

2 x DM2 and hill bracket   S/N 4583 + S/N 4570

3 x ARRI pitch, 1 x Panavision Zoom 48pitch, 1 x PV Iris 64pitch gears


CB-MDR3AY (MDR3 Arri Y (3pf - 2pl power & 10pl run)

CB-MDR3PVP (MDR3 Panavision Power  L2-L2)

CB-MDR3PVP (MDR3 Arri Run Power Combo F3-L10)

CB-MDR3AP (MDR3 ARRI Power (F3, L2)

CB-MDR3MC (MDR3 Main Command Cable HU3) 20ft

4 x Preston Motor Cables (L7P Green)

CB-CTMDR3 Cinetape to MDR3 (L4, L6)

MDR power (2pl-2pl)


4 x RB- PV 19mm-5/8inch PV Reduction Bushings (RED)

4 x RB- ARRI 19mm -15mm ARRI Reduction Bushings (BLUE)

3 x FIZMA-19mm Motor Arms (Hill Brackets)

1 x D-Clamp extension for Hill Bracket

3 x D-Clamp bushings for Hill Bracket



Shipping Case










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