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Cinetronic image just got weird. Any idea how to fix this?

BJMcDonnell SOC

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Hey everyone,


    My Cinetronic just powered up and the image has a weird almost false color whiteish issue. Its like snow predator vision. I am posting a pic and if anyone has had this issue and knows how to fix it ( other than throw it in the trash) lemme know. We tried everything and its just the monitor being the issue. Im prepping and shoot next week. Lemme know! I pretty much know that Cinetronic won't help resolve this issue so thats not even a way to go. Thanks!


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@BJMcDonnell SOC, I know it's been a long while now since you posted this. Don't even know if you still have the monitor, but was testing out an operators Cinetronic 2 and it presented a similar issue. Turns out we were able to resolve it by jiggling the bnc cable connector at the monitor. Not exactly sure what triggers it, but that seemed to fix it. 

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