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Large FI/Z Preston HU2 + MDR2 Kit with 2 Motors

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A huge HU-2 + MDR-2 Preston kit with everything you need to get started!

$3300 USD plus shipping from Toronto, Canada.

1 x HU-2 Focus/Iris Control #2558
1 x Transmitter 2
1 x Transmitter Antenna
1 x DM-2 Motor #4888 w/.25" focus gear
1 x DM-1 Motor #1352 w/.5" focus gear
3 x Motor Cable 90 to Straight
1 x PVN Iris Gear
1 x Iris Marking Plate
10 x Focus Marking Disk
1 x Focus Knob Side Disk
1 x MDR-2 #1295
1 x MDR Transceiver #1647
2 x MDR Antenna
1 x MDR 15mm Bracket/6"Rod
1 x 19mm to 15mm Bushing
2 x DM Swing Arm-MCAM (offset)
2 x DM Swing Arm-Side (straight)
1 x DM Swing Arm-PVN (short)
1 x Neck Strap
2 x Preston 12V Batt Pack (could use re-cell)
1 x Preston Fast Charger
1 x A/C Power Cable
1 x 50' Command Cable
1 x MDR Pwr Cbl 24V 3P XLR
1 x MDR Pwr Cbl 12V 11P
2 x MDR Pwr Cbl Arri 24V 3P
1 x MDR Pwr Cbl 24V PVN
1 x MDR Pwr Cbl Arri 12V 4P XLR
2 x MDR Pwr Cbl 12V AB D-Tap
2 x Camera Run 4P Red One
1 x Camera Run Mini 4P Epic
2 x Camera Run Arri RS 3p 24V
1 x Preston Remote Iris Control
1 x Preston Remote Iris Cable
1 x Omnishot M Batt to Preston 12V Batt Pack
5 x Sony M Battery
2 x M Batt Chager w/AC Cable
1 x Pelican Case w/dividers










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