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Bigger & Better Back Support‘Lumbar Pad for Zephyr Vest

patrick ortman

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Has anybody felt the need (as I do) to put a longer & wider lumbar pad onto the Zephyr vest? What it comes with seems skimpy compared to other vests, but other than that I do still like the vest. I’ve looked at things like police/security belt supports. I’m curious what others have done- DIY hacks or specialized retailers, etc.

Or, if it’s just me thinking the vest sure could use a lot more love in the back.


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Hi Patrick,


I agree that the Zephyr vest is great. When Garrett is demoing at a workshop, he always picks up a Zephyr vest. 

As for the lumbar pad, I don’t think it’s going to have any effect on the working of the vest, but if it feels good, do it!

Opinions about support belts differ  I side with the argument that if you have a healthy back they just make it weaker, it’s really something you wear under medical advice  

All the best, 


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Thanks, Chris. I agree, probably just a security thing- feeling something on my rear hip bones and all. Someday I'll get that Exovest, because I'm getting older and more aware of the advantages of breathing ;-). But for now, especially still in the pandemic and the kind of work I do, I need to be a bit tight.

If anyone looks up this thread down the line: For now, I did get a back attachment from these folks: https://backupbrace.com (they do belt support for police officers who wear guns and tasers on their belts all day). I just replaced the stock Zephyr pad with it. So far, for me, this is getting better. Still not perfect, I can see ways to make it better, but it gives a much more secure feeling to me having something back there with some rigidity that touches my hip bones a bit.



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