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Customized Ultimate 1 Sled with Transvideo CineMonitor HD8 SBL Evolution, DB2, 2” MK-V V3 gimbal and tons of accessories

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All good things come to an end, and I must find a new owner for my beloved gear. 

It’s a rugged XCS Ultimate I sled in perfect working condition, but with some wear and tear. I was its first owner and I have customized it for the needs of my long career:

Nothing can beat the 19-32” telescoping Carbon Fiber 2” post feel, nor its ruggedness, light weight and rigidity. I provide it with two docking rings and a sled docking station. As my original XCS gimbal went down, I replaced it a couple of years ago by a MK-V Version 3 gimbal, and it was a divine surprise: Well centered, almost frictionless, perfectly balanced even when going nearly neutral, and with its long-throw handle going low mode is a piece of cake. I got rid of the chore of replacing the regular post by a J bracket, and my Titan arm (which I sell separately) permanently integrates a small one in the midsection of a small post. I must confess I was happier than with the famed and expensive original gimbal.

I made a second deviation from XCS orthodoxy, by adding a removable Pro Donkey Box II to the Upper Camera Platform. I’m indeed adding 2,3 cm (0,9”) in height, but adjusting side to side at the camera level where the mass is critical for balance is way easier and quicker. I never experienced any vibration due to this add-on, and of course the bottom side to side adjustment is still available (even if I usually remove some of the knobs too protruding for my taste, which doesn’t prevent the fine tuning and can be easily put again). I add a H-shaped MDR bracket which can be affixed onto the UCP or onto the DBII, along with a transmitter bracket which lives on the Low Electonic Housing.

In the same spirit, I was not too thrilled by the two original camera 7” camera plates (which I provide nevertheless, along with a vintage Steadicam one and various other plates). A friend of mine designed two 25 cm long (9”84) plates which is are what the doctor ordered: Lightweight, versatile, with the possibility of adding two provided 15 mm focus rods. With the 26 cm long dual extension arms of the monitor (19 mm bars by Genesis Infinity V2) and the integrated fore-and-aft adjustments of the Ultimate, I can deal with any cameras weight distribution and heavy zoom lenses.

The LEH (#21) integrates the original PDL and hair menu, Duo and  Uno frameliners, but those can only be utilized in composite (through a decimator). The famed XCS Battery Management System still prevails, even though an “off-on” red button has been added to the front. Of course, this sled is HD upgraded & wired and high amperage capable (though not enough for the Alexa 65), with two SDI-BNC connectors at top and bottom. 

I provide a Transvideo CineMonitor HD8 SBL Evolution with its Virtual Horizon 2 module,  its original yoke which interfaces nicely with the Genesis monitor dual arms, and its optional Anton Bauer (and four-pins cannon) battery back for non-Steadicam use.

The sled has three D-tap ready Anton Bauer mounting plates, but I also provide two V-lock to AB adaptors, a bracket for two AB batteries on a single space, four 89 Wh HC-Dionics (some in need of recelling), two 158 Wh  Dionic 160 type batteries, and an AB quad 2401 charger with the DDM board.

The cable package is very extensive (9 pieces for power, 2 unaffected with various provided connectors ready to solder, 2 video & power to video assist cables, one tacho cable). It provides 12 or 24 volts to various cameras (Alexas, Red, Sony D65, different Arri, MovieCam, Panavision) and to MDRs.

I also provide a whole collection of focus motor brackets from Jerry Hill or Service Vision,15 mm rods, offset brackets, iris spuds, Arri iris rod clamp, SR3 iris mount, square to round rods, etc, along with a full large bag of Low Mode Brackets, mostly from Jerry Hill, for Moviecam SL or Compact, Panavision, Arri 435 and SR3, Aaton 16 & 35 etc 

I add a full bag of BNC or Cannon 4 pins cables, many boxes of screws, focus rings, matte-box elements, one electronic and one mechanical maintenance kit and two lasers for precise alignment of the post.

The Ultimate lives in a Pelican PL1650B (very safe, but needs internal refoaming only for cosmetic reasons), the accessories in two Pelican PL 1600B, and the charger and batteries in another one. That's a total of 4 hard cases. The sturdy Steadicam stand has its own bag. (I sell apart my collapsible SteadyCart). 

I ask for the whole lot 17 000 Euros OBO. Willing to ship worldwide, but buyer pays shipping costs and any (PayPal or bank) fee. French residents must add 20% recoverable VAT.

You can reach me at jeanmarc.bringuier@gmail.com or through FB




























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In order to answer many questions as to what is included or not, and related to shipment, here are some further informations and photos.

You must realize that I'm selling all my equiment, all the bells and whistles. as I'm taking another professionnal path. I wish every mechanical piece,  mods, every cable, screw or adapter can benefit another operator as it has done to me during the very long time I've flown Steadicams.

All this is stored in four flight cases and a stand bag (my SteadyCart, vest, wind killer being already sold, the Titan arm and hard mount about to be). They weigh respectively from top to bottom 5,7 kg, 18 kg, 14,4 kg, 14,9 kg and 21,3 kg, which is a total of 74,3 kg (163,8 pounds). My Zip Code in France is 94000 if you need quotations from shippers.

Fly safe, people...










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