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DSD Vehicle/Hard Mount with lateral adjustment, complete with clamp and Mitchel mount

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This sturdy little demon can have its socket block adjusted side to side when loaded, like the Klassen, but unlike the Garfield or the Hill hard-mounts which must rely on three-way levelers.

It comes equipped with a universal Michell mount and a Manfrotto clamp which adapts quickly to any tube (quicker than any U-bolts), and which can be affixed to the front or the rear of the blue body with 4 pins, which enables putting it on horizontal or vertical tubes.

The big black knob can live on top of it, or beneath it when the whole rig is mounted on speed rails. So no regular or goofy preference. I’ve always liked both, like with a vest.

It still has its war paint (who cares?, we are not finicky collectors) but the socket block and the lateral mechanism are smooth and in perfect working order. All that and the necessary tools and nuts & bolts live happily in a Pelican case.

I ask 950 Euros OBO for it. Willing to ship worldwide, but buyer pays shipping costs and any (PayPal or bank) fee. French residents must add 20% recoverable VAT.

You can reach me at jeanmarc.bringuier@gmail.com or through FB.






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