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ARRI MINI Camera with extensive Arri Accessories and 3 Custom Cases

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ARRI MINI Camera Body Package with extensive Arri Accessories and 3 Custom Travel Cases

Package Details:

ARRI Mini Body (S/N 21881)  -  1756 Hours
ARRI EXTENDED WARRANTY (Through 7/25/2022) for both Body And EVF Viewfinder

MINI Licenses - 4:3 License Key, ARRI/RAW License Key, MINI LOOK Library License Key

ARRI EVF Alexa Mini Viewfinder (S/N 7871)        LICENSE FEATURES:
ARRI PL Mount-LDS-LB-Titan-CPL                          ProRes 444XQ
MVB-1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket                     2K Recording
(2) Mini Adapter Plate MAP-1 CPL                         Custom 3D LUTS
(2) Mini Baseplate MAP-32-CPL                             100-200 FPS
(2) Mini Side Bracket MSB-1                                    Log C
Bridgeplate Adapter BPA-4                                      Look Import/Export
Cage Top Handle CHT-1                                           ProRes 422 HQ
(4) 15mm (17”) Support Rods                                 Look CDL Editing            
(2) 15mm (5.5”) Support Rods                               Auto Tracking WB
(3) 15mm (9.5”) Support Rods                               WiFi Remote Access
(1) 15mm (5”) Support Rod                                    Prerecording
BAP-1 Battery Plate Alexa Mini                              3.2K Recording
CSP-1 Camera shoulder Pad                                 4K UHD Recording
Leather Shoulder Pad Add-On                               4:3 Sensor Mode
KC-50 Amira Straight Power Cable                      ARRI/RAW Recording                
(3) Mini EVF Cables
(2) Handgrip Extension, Long
LBS-2 Lightweight Bridge Support
(3) CFast 2.0 Card Media 128GB
CFast 2.0 Card Reader
(2) Rubber Hand Grips
VEB-3 Viewfinder Extension Bracket
BAP-2 Battery Adapter Plate
“Solid Camera Power Solutions” Anton Bauer Battery Power Distribution Box
(5) BNC Cables - Various sizes
(2) Arri EXT - RS Cables
Vocas Wood Handles, Left & Right
Vocas 15mm Rod Clamp
CSP-1 Low Shoulder Bracket
Pelican 1040 Case for Media Reader
Pelican Media MINI Case
(3) Case Cruiser Custom Cut “Pelican Style” Travel Cases

$ 44,500.00. USD.

This MINI has been my personal camera used on my Steadicam almost exclusively.
This has always been under ARRI Extended Warranty and serviced each year since 5/9/2016.
It’s in excellent condition.   
CONTACT:  Greg Lundsgaard. glund88@gmail.com  (contact me for hi-res photos of the entire package)












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Back on FOR SALE.     (pending sale cancelled)


I've added tow other items to the package.


1 - ARRI CCP-1 Mini Remote Display with bracket and 3 cables

1 - Weather/Rain Cover (never Used)

ARRI MINI Package is -- $46,000.00 (plus shipping - 3 cases)






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