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GPi Titan Pro Arm with 8 canisters (4 blue and 4 black), various posts and J-brackets, tools and spare parts

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I prefer to post another ad, as my first one inclued a vest which I've already sold.

The GPI Titan pro arm comes with 4 blue and 4 black canisters. I was its first owner, and it can be tested in Paris. It works perfectly and silently, with only cosmetic imperfections. It has never caused me any problem. I usually use it with a small post for high mode, along which I have permanently inserted a small angled J bracket. It saves a lot of time when changing modes.

The arm and the extra canisters live in their respective bags. On top of the aforementioned small J-bracket, I provide 6 others of different angles, shapes and reach with a total of 10 posts. Included also are the GPI yellow tools, various maintenance pieces, and a two Allen Keys (5/32” and ¼”).

The whole lot can easily live in a Pelican 1620B with wheels. There is also ample room also for a vest (the ACT2 already sold, fitted perfectly). For shipping quotes, the flight-case weighs 12,3 kg and my French Zip Code is 94000.

I ask for the whole kit 17 000 Euros OBO. Willing to ship worldwide, but buyer pays shipping costs and any bank fee. Strong preference for PayPal. French residents must add 20% recoverable VAT.

I’m ready to sell separately: 
- Pro Arm in its bag and canisters in their bags, posts and J-brackets for 16 850 Euros OBO.
- Pelican flight-case for 150€.

You can reach me at jeanmarc.bringuier@gmail.com or through FB








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I reduce the price to 16 500 euros plus shipping cost and any change fee. 

For those not interested in the flight-case, I can split the arm for 16 350 € and the Pelican for 150 €

For shipping quotation, the whole lot weighs 12,3 kg and my French zip code is 94000.

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