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Ultra2 Steadicam Package for Sale

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I'm selling my Steadicam package and making the full time commitment to transition into Directing.  Everything is in great shape, as I take great care of my equipment.  The only thing to keep in mind is that the batteries are all used, and you would likely want to have them re-celled or replaced at some point.  I am first and foremost interested in selling the entire package as a whole.  PLEASE hesitate to send me emails requesting that I break things up, if the time comes when I have to do that... I'll gladly repost.  

This is a great package for someone ready to take the plunge into Steadicam operating!  I'm located in Doylestown, PA and that will be where items will need to be picked up from.  Also open for discussion is a workshop... I'd be willing to run a one, two or three day workshop with the purchase of this package.  Hotels avail nearby!  

In addition to the equipment included, I'm including in the sale all of the tools necessary for making Hirose and Lemo connectors.  These tools are very pricy, and I will no longer have any need for them.  I'll also include a bunch of new and used lemo, hirose, and AB connectors for future use in the production of cables, etc.  

OK!  So here is generally what is included in the sale.  I've also attached a detailed spreadsheet.  I don't have any pictures yet, but working on putting those together.  

- Ultra2 Sled
- Klassen Deluxe Harness (fits 5'8 to 5'10 roughly / 150-190lbs)
- Wave & AKS
- G70 Arm
- 2x Quad IDX Chargers
- 12x IDX HL9 Batteries
- Preston HU3
- Preston Single Channel HU
- 2x MRD2 Upgraded with Blue Dot & Internal Cinetape Electronics 
- 3x KS-4 Gyros & Accessories
- Antlers
- Custom Compact Cart
- American Stand
- Gorelock Docking Bracket / System
- Sled Bed
- Rickshaw (with additional dune wheel kit)
- Loads of Parts / Brackets / Cables / Etc (see itemization)

Asking Price - $85,000 + Tax 

Please feel free to reach out with reasonable offers... again only for the entire package.  Price does not include workshop.


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As I mentioned everything is listed in detail in the attached spreadsheet above, but thought I'd break out a few more highlights:

- 2nd Dock / Magliner Dock
- Klassen Garfield System
- Bottom Weights / Camera Weight / Practice Cage
- Riser Posts / J-Bracket / F-Bracket
- Bunch of Dovetail Plates
- Extra Betz SOS Plates
- Gimbal Mounted Zoom Control (BUZ Box w/ J7 Rocker) 
- 2x Small HD DP7 Monitors
- HD Ultrabrite Monitor
- Custom Butt Dolly
- Various Tools
- High Density Plastic Shipping Palettes 

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