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Wave, Rickshaw, Gyros, Butt Dolly, Garfield, Etc

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Hi All… here’s a list of items that remain.  Pictures coming… but please reach out if interested!  

KS4 Gyro Kit (I posted these separately as well) -  asking $4500 OBO


Backstage Shotsaver Rickshaw - includes wheel confits as follows… straight+swivel, all straight, and dune wheels.  Very clean, very light use.  Asking $3500 OBO

Custom Butt Dolly - based off the film tools butt Dolly but converted to telescoping center post with swivel seat.  Asking $800

Klassen Garfield - includes Mitchell plate, tie down, and pipe clamp plus tools and parts.  Asking $1000 OBO

Small HD DP7 - with cables and directors handles.  This has built in artificial on screen horizon indicator!!!  Asking $1000 OBO

Betz Wave -  posted separately Asking $4950


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