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Upgraded Tiffen Clipper 2 Sled, Volt compatible!

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Hi gang,

Following an Upgrade to an M2 I am now selling my trusty Tiffen Clipper 2 sled. I bought this sled when I first started out in 2014 and it has served me very well on my journey from local short film shoots to working on TV and feature productions. It is basically an Ultra 1 with an Archer tilting top stage and can support full size cameras such as Alexa and Arri LT 35mm. It has had an HD-SDI line added and also has a custom 12/24 volt power system added by Optical Support in London where it has been serviced so is ready to work with modern film and digital cinema cameras. Moving forward, if/when you feel the need you can directly replace the gimbal with a 1.58" M2 Volt gimbal by removing the top stage which I can show you how to do.

The sled comes with dovetails and power cables (see below), low mode monitor mount, main monitor post clamp and Tiffen hardcase. It does not have a monitor, rods or yoke as I am using those with my new sled but I could be persuaded to part with my spare monitor and yoke which is compatible if you don't want to source one yourself. It also doesn't come with docking rings or bracket as I'm using these with my new sled too.


Included Dovetails:

Original Tiffen dovetail

Cam-Tec camera dovetail with 15mm rod attachments

Cam-Tec V-lock dovetail allowing direct, vibration free, quick release attachment of cameras with sony VCT style bases such as full size Alexa


Included Cables:

Top stage lemo to 12v 4pin XLR

Top stage lemo to 12v Alexa Mini / Amira 

Top stage lemo to 24v Alexa 2 pin Fischer

Top stage lemo to female D-TAP

D-TAP to 12v 4 pin XLR ( monitor direct power)

D-TAP to 4pin Lemo ( RED DSMC power )

4 pin Hirose to 12x 4pin XLR ( base to monitor power)

4 pin Hirose to 12x 4pin right angle XLR ( base to monitor power)

6 pin Hirose to 12v 4pin right angle XLR and BNC ( combined base to monitor power and composite video )


This is a fantastic first rig or if you're stepping up from something smaller!  Asking £7k, I'm not VAT registered yet so won't need to add that. Would prefer a UK buyer so don't have to deal with all the customs/exporting fun but happy to make ready for shipping at buyer's arrangement. I'm based in London and you are more than welcome to come to see and test fly the rig, I have a complete setup with practice camera etc. If you would like to see some action photos to whet your appetite here a few from my IG:







Any questions please drop me a line on rupert.peddle@gmail.com. Thanks for looking!







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