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Dave Wowchuk

6" or 7" LCD Monitor with Tuner for FF

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Hi there.


I've been looking through the previous posts for advice on a handheld LCD monitor (with tuner) for the focus puller or for a small director's monitor. I'd like to have one on hand in case the production's monitor goes down, or they don't have one.




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Guest Jeremy Hawkins
Thinking of buying one of these badboys. What makes it stand out from all the Taiwanese LCDs on ebay? Does Camo offer an HD-SDI model?


One thing I can tell you about the models on ebay is that they are generally all put up by the same guy, the notorious "Taiwan Tony." What he does is take the rejects, throwaway, discontinued, or defective models smuggled out by factory workers, pays them a few cents on the dollar, and sells them on ebay. Being as he is not a manufacterer, but is instead a trading company. As such, he provides no warrantee, accepts no returns, and generally offers a poor product.


This is unfortunate because there are actually quite a few GOOD units that look similar to his that come out of Taiwan, are much cheaper, and have the same or better capabilities of those made in the US or UK.

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