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YaegerPro cart

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I'm overall a pretty big fan. I think it's a great value compared to the Innovativ carts. Tricked out with Steadicam accessories, it's still cheaper than a base Innovativ of comparable size. The build quality is good, and you can collapse it without tools as well. It's constructed solidly and you can get custom color options if you like (I have all black). I also went for the larger 10" wheels Marty sells it with which I feel are worth it. It is heavy though, especially with the larger wheels. That could be a factor if you fly a lot for travel jobs. I like the vest hanger/handle better than the Innovativ equivalent. If you want, you could also modify the cart to take beach wheels for working on sand.

At the time I bought mine, Marty was redesigning the bumper for his mast, and he didn't have a bumper available. I'm not sure where he landed on that. I ended up getting a bumper from backstage which fits the mast he's using which is from Modern. I would look into that if Marty still isn't selling bumpers. @Alex van Putten did the same for his Yeager Pro and I believe he has the very first Yeager Pro cart.

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I have ONE of the first ones, but not THE first. I think it's 3rd or 4th. He was always talking about his steadi bumper but I think his plans were a little over-engineered for what we need. I mean, it really should just be a bit of foam padding to protect the rig. If anything he should make something similar to what Ron Baldwin uses and make a bumper with a platform to rest the sled on TOP of. Maybe I'll mention this to him.


I love my cart. It's rock solid and super customisable. A bit heavy for air travel (I end up putting the wheels in a separate bag to keep it under 100 pounds, so it's still doable, but if you fly a LOT, maybe go for an inovativ).

What I like most about it is how quick it is to build and tear down. I save easily 20 minutes a day compared to my old backstage cart.

He's backordered on his steadi masts right now, apparently because of aluminum availability. Still worth paying a visit and playing around with one.

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