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Zephyr Vest faulty?

Matt Lima

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Hello all,

I recently purchased Tiffen's "M2 Core-kit" and everything has been fine except for the vest. I received the rig only three weeks ago.

It comes with a zephyr vest (one is not able to substitute with their kit) and as I was wearing the rig, the spring loaded piece that adjusts the vest and keeps it from sliding popped out causing my entire rig to slowly fall off my body. Luckily the arm and sled didn't fall and I was near to the dock and nothing was damaged except now the zephyr vest is completely useless. I can no longer put that spring loaded piece into place. It keeps sliding in and out. I've already notified Tiffen about this and am waiting for a response, but I wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue?

Pretty bummed about the vest since I'm a pretty new operator and eager to keep practicing. Any help or tips welcome. Thanks all!


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Hey Matt, same thing happened to me a few years ago. I was able to separate the vest center plate and mail it in a small box to Tiffen for repair. They need to press it back into place, annoying but at least it was a free repair with no questions asked. 

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