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Flowcine xspine

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I bought this vest practically new from an early adopter. I just really wanted to try something different from the pro vest.

the previous owner had not used it on set because they intended to return to flowcine.

flowcine was notified that I was the new owner and sent me a mountain of replacement parts, to replace the early version with its current build.

I have not replaced any of the parts with the new ones, so they are all brand new.

the vest also comes with all of the early version back ups.

extra pads, extra buckles, extra straps, storage bag, etc. and it comes with the back support pad as well ($425)

will provide photos for serious inquires or when I get around to posting them.

$5800 for a practically brand new vest

no wait times, no import costs, and if you come by you can try it on.

located in NYC or Miami.



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I finally got around to taking pictures.

included are the original replacement parts and the new and improved replacement parts.

This is the vest with some minor cosmetic scuffs but most of those parts are replaceable with the new parts sent from flowcine. 100% functional. these new parts are lighter, stronger, and sized correctly for the vest. 

improved parts are straps, shoulder buckles, screws, spine, waist hinges doors, waist buckles, and front mount assembly.

the new price is $5400 plus shipping USA/Canada Only

brand new from the site with the back relief pad is 5485 plus shipping and most likely VAT/import tax.








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