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The Mothership Cart & Accessories

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This is it: the big one. The mothership. The cart your cart wants to be. Built like a tank! Solid as a rock! Your oasis in base camp! Other hyperbolic statements!

Asking $1800, will consider offers. Willing to ship if you're willing to pay for it, otherwise pickup in Lexington, KY. I'll also deliver to anywhere within a reasonable distance of there (I'd consider Atlanta or possibly Chicago "reasonable.")

This is one of five carts built by Erwin Landau. I am the second owner, and have added and adapted a few things to make it easier to travel. Hopefully the pictures are description enough, but here’s some info:

  • All aluminum construction (welded joints, bolts and nuts where necessary)
  • Traveling handle/cover becomes battery shelf
  • Mast and pads for docking sled
  • Construction features “bumper” area to protect docked sled during travel.
  • Mast bracket has holes for patio/beach umbrella
  • 10” pneumatic casters
  • 3” tilt-back casters for compact size
  • Added handles on sides, added holders for two posts in bottom compartment
  • I’ve replaced the carpet on bottom main compartment, and I can replace the other parts before sale is completed
  • Including a Pelican 1770 for accessories and travel
  • Case with pads, front bar, two posts: approx. 76 lbs
  • Pelican with wheels, mast, accessories: approx. 94 lbs

The following accessories will be included:

  • Vest hanger (pictured on back of cart)
  • Stand hanger (pictured on side of cart near front)
  • Large umbrella (pictured in outdoor picture)
  • Wheel chocks
  • Extra 3D-printed thumbscrews (happy to share STL, too)
  • Extra screws for all points
  • All casters have been greased and checked for leaks (one smart caster has a cracked bearing that makes it loud when pushed at speed or unloaded, but it is still perfectly functional)


I’m selling because I’m changing my workflow a bit. All of my work for the past few years has been broadcast, and most of that has been travel. This cart is a bit of a bear when dealing with airport shuttles and rental cars (I recommend a minivan) but it can be done. However, it would be most at home in a situation where it doesn’t have to move too often—ideally on a feature with a liftgate truck, or in a studio. Big wheels and a wide footprint do make it almost-all-terrain, and I’ve used it as a luggage cart many times in flat configuration with two posts (see picture.) Also some elevators may give you problems if they’re not deep enough…

63302495412__862BB9B4-25AC-4D8F-A72A-26623B99A338 2.jpeg

IMG_6165 2.jpeg



















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