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Shoes for Operating in Snow

Loren Hamilton

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I know there are a couple topics out there that discuss this overall, however, I was trying to pinpoint any particular shoes or footwear people who often op in snow seem to prefer. Boots? Shoes? Snowshoeing shoes? Snowboard boots? Tennis rackets bongo'd to your kicks?? Discuss...

Also, while we're at it, any tips/tricks you feel are pretty good life hacks while dealing with said conditions?


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Hi Loren,

There are so many different types of snow, and different levels of cold that I feel it's more a question of having many options in the winter equipment duffle bag! Most important is to stay dry in my opinion 

I have a pair of Salomon Winter Trail running shoes, with gore-tex waterproof. https://www.salomon.com/en-ca/shop/product/supercross-winter-climasalomon-waterproof-lg5603.html#color=59300

I also have Merrel Tactical boots, also waterproof.https://www.merrell.com/CA/en_CA/moab-2-8-inch-tactical-waterproof-boot/29991U.html?dwvar_29991U_color=J15845#cgid=merrell-tactical&start=1

And a couple of different types of slip on crampons. From small crampons to fairly aggressive. 

In big snow, that needs any more than this, invest in your grips (Bribe them with whatever they want). They will make your operating safer and easier by building you a heated floor so you can keep operating in your Hi-Top Converse. 

But seriously, be safe, watch out for ice, walk the shot a bunch of times and watch the way the snow/ice evolves over time after you and your whole team walks over your tracks and change the state of the ground your flying over. A slip up happens so fast, just fly safe!

Hope this makes sense and helps.


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