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Steadicam Ultra kit for sale

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My first 'big rig' for sale. I've used it on live TV,  sports events all the way through to feature films. I've bought an Artemis and Trinity so this is surplus to requirements. It's a great starter or spare kit and I'm going to be as brutally honest as I can.


The original HD cabling in the sled wouldn't take a HD feed without crashing and banging so I had two 75ohm BNCs installed. You can see the ends marked with blue and red in the pictures. They're tried and tested.

I replaced the original monitor for a Boland BVB07 rated at 2000nits for use outdoors. It's a great improvement.

I'm including everything you need to start shooting (BNCs, power cables and basic tools) EXCEPT batteries. You'll need your own V locks and charger. There's also a low mode bracket and spare short dovetail plate.

Ultra arm is showing it's age but a great piece of kit. Comes with its own bag.

I bought a colleagues Ultra vest to complete the kit (I use a Klassen and don't want to part with it). It's in great condition with a bag.


A few things to take into account:

I had the sled converted to supply 24 as well as 12 volts. There is a switch on the battery hanger. I never needed it so STRONGLY recommend you test this for yourself before considering using.

There is a battery meter on the bottom of the sled which no longer works.

I have no idea if the frame line generator on the SD line works. You can get graticules off most cameras and who uses SD anymore anyway?!

The Camera is NOT included in the kit. 



Please get in touch if you have any questions. If you're based in the UK I'm more than happy to have you come to see it in person. 


I'm asking £12,000 Sterling plus VAT




Boland monitor.jpg

steadicam ws.jpg

profile cu.jpg

V lock.jpg

bottom sled cu.jpg

docking bracket.jpg

steadicam case.jpg

open steadicam case.jpg

Ultra vest.jpg

Ultra arm.jpg


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