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Trinity Package

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Selling a complete Trinity Package. This package has seen very little use and is in a close to new condition. Lots of accessories. If you were to purchase everything here brand new, it would cost approximately $84,000 before taxes.

Some notes:

The Artemis Sled that the Trinity is built on only needs a monitor mount and monitor to be a complete Steadicam.

Package includes PLC wheels and Wireless Joystick

The Trinity has been updated to 24v and QC’d by Arri back in October and has only been used for 1 shot since then.

Includes a laptop to run the FOMO interface.

I believe there’s a couple extra cables not listed here. When I get a chance, I will  get those added to this list.

If you are based in LA, I’m happy to do a set up tutorial. If outside of LA, we can probably set up a FaceTime session and go over setting up.

I’m asking for $67,000 plus shipping/insurance. Equipment is based in Los Angeles.

List of gear:

Trinity Head
Trinity Pendulum Base
Artemis 1.8” post
Artemis Gimbal
Artemis Top Stage
Artemis Bottom Stage
3x Battery Mounts
Joystick Monitor Mount
Transvideo Starlite Monitor
Starlite Monitor Mount
Post Tool
Artemis Camera Plate
Post Extension
SAM-2 Set
SAM-4 plate
12” Long Plate
Stabilizer Bracket
Connector Protection Bracket
Wireless Joystick
Gimbal Handle Extension
Universal Focus Bracket for Preston
Focus Bracket
Rain Cover for lower electronics
Optical Support Head and Roll lock
2x Trinity 3d Printed Centering Tools
PLC Wheels
Trinity Power Lemo 1B 4Pin to 1B 4Pin
Trinity Power Lemo 1S 3Pin to 1s 3Pin 90º
Trinity Power D Tap to 1S 3 Pin
Camera Power Alexa Mini
Trinity Joystick Main Cable
Joystick to Starlite Power Cable
Amira Power Cable
Red Epic Power Cable
MDR2 Power Cable
Trinity Power Lemo 1S 3Pin to 1B 4Pin
Artemis to Transvideo 8” monitor power cable
Case for Trinity Head
Case for Artemis Sled









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There has been enough interest in breaking up the package that I'm now moving forward with this idea. Let me know what you are hoping to break out and I'll see what I can do.

Also, I did find some additional cables:

2x Dtap to Starlite 6" cables

2x Artemis to XLR power cables

1x Artemis to 12v HiCap Varicam

1x Artemis to Transvideo 12"

1x Artemis to Transivdeo 6"


Currently sold:

1x Battery Mount

Post Extension

SAM2 Set

SAM4 Plate


Red Epic Power Cable

Amira Power Cable

Universal Focus Bracket for Preston


Sale Pending:

PLC Wheels

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We finally have some numbers for the Trinity 2. Depending on configuration, $70,000-$80,000 and that’s without wheels and Artemis lower electronics. Optical Support have announced they will be able to upgrade the T1 to have full 360° roll and they are working on an upgrade path for the T1 joystick.

I’ve lowered the price to $55,000 obo and this includes lower electronics and PLC wheels.

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12 hours ago, Michael Sharp said:

Grant!  What’s up man?  I’m thinking about taking the plunge for 2.0. I’d love to pick your brain about your thoughts on both versions. 

Hey Michael,

Sent you a PM with my number. Feel to reach out and I’ll help as best I can.

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