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Low Mode Monitor?? Thoughts?

Sabrina Marki

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Hey all!

Newbie steadicam operator here! Been purchasing essential equipment for my rig and was curious whether I should get a low mode monitor! So far, I've used my regular monitor for low mode, and it has worked out with no issues, but what are the pros and cons for having a low mode monitor? Is it worth it? Will it be beneficial to my operating? And if it is essential AND beneficial, which ones do you have? Let me know your thoughts!!

Thanks everyone!

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benefits I find on a lowmode monitor just below lens of camera on the top stage:

-your sight and awarenes goes more in the direction of camera, therefore less posibility of accidentally hitting camera with objects.

-you are more aware of the terrain as you are looking down.

-you can fly sled really close to your body and watch frame


some cons:

-more power consumption from top stage or camera battery

-less clearance under lens, very unusual moves require space here

-usually you can only use a 5in monitor and it does feel smaller compared to the normal 7in.

-if you are always trying to fly small sled, adding weight just below camera with a low mode monitor means you will need to compensate either by making your sled longer or adding more weight.


general tip

be aware of ins and outs needs. I got a small hd 5in that only has 1 sdi in. I have to plan how the feed goes mostly with Red cameras as they only have 1 sdi out.

Ideally you get a monitor that have both inn and outs.

-Sun cover is a plus when working in exterior.


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I have a SmallHD focus 5 and I like it. Is it essential? No. Is it beneficial? Yes. 

Cons - Added weight above the gimbal (could be a pro if you are looking to add weight)

Another thing to power.

Another thing to break.

Pros - A low mode monitor puts your eyes basically where they go when oping in normal mode, so it feels more natural.

Drop your gimbal and you are ready to go low quickly!


I find that I do end up using both monitors when flying low mode and it is very handy. In "high" low mode, the low mode monitor is at a great height and when I need to get as low as possible, my regular monitor is at a great height. There has been so moves when I've had to boom and do switches in low mode that I end up going back and forth between them in the same shot. 

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It's funny, Unlike you Kevin, I use the low mode monitor for low low, and the regular monitor for high low, so opposite to how you use it. I've found myself in many situations where I will transition from one monitor to the other during a shot. I think the low mode monitor is one of the last things I would remove from my sled even if it is extra gack not in use.


As for preference the feelworld 6S is a great lightweight SDI monitor that is bright.

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On 5/19/2022 at 2:26 PM, Mark Baluk said:

As for preference the feelworld 6S is a great lightweight SDI monitor that is bright.

Apologies for reviving a year old post, but Mark, have you had any issues with power cables for your 6S (if that’s what you’re still using)? I’m about to purchase a low mode monitor and while the price and brightness of the 6S is tempting, the 2.1mm DC power input gives me pause.

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