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Video SK2 Post Upgrade HELP!

Trevan Meador

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I'm trying to figure out how to DIY this or find someone that works on posts to help me. I have a Video SK2 and the bnc doesn't support HD signals since it is so old. I already flipped the polarity of the lemo out so it doesn't fry any accessories I plug in up top, but i'm wondering if anyone has any guidance on replacing the BNC line running down the post.

Or if anyone knows anyone that could do this for me, that would be great too!

I'm also wondering if there is a place I can buy an additional post segment as i'd like to get a little bit more length on as well. Any help would be appreciated!

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Hello guys,

I just bumped into this post and I have upgraded a few Provid sleds and modified SK2's.

- Trevan, if you want to upgrade your SK2 sled, you need to get a little deeper into the centerpost - until the bottom of it actually. You must remove all the old wiring and also the lemo's that connect the centerpost and the base of the sled. In order to make things work as they should and the sled to be able to separate from the base, you will need to make connections at that point - this is not an easy thing to do. I don't want to discourage you, but if you are not great with soldering and wiring, you will not make it work and also damage the original parts. And you will also need a little bit of fantasy, to find smart and convenient ideas.

About the addition of post, this is something difficult and will need a very experienced mechanist to do such work and not 100% sure that he will manage to do it, if he is not specialised in the steadicam world.

The nice thing with the SK2 base is that it already has threads at its lowest point, covered with a protective cap that it can be unscrewed. In my first ever SK2, I had my mechanist machine a stainless steel block with the same negative threads and screw it down there for some additional weight (picture: SK2sled_BottomWeight).

Here is my most recent modification / combination of a SK2 centerpost with Provid top stage and base (picture: Provid2_sled_01):

In that sled, in order to have both HD & SD lines down the post, I have added small boxes up and down and also keep the original ones at place, but change them with fresh connectors (pictures: Provid2_UpperBox_01, Provid2_LowerBox):

You can see the full sale post with more pictures here: 


- Davo, yes you can make a Provid arm, by combining two SK single arms. Please be aware that you MUST NOT try to get into the moving segments of the arms, but ONLY in the joints. The closed parts of the segments are able to hurt or even kill you, if you try to disassemble them without knowing what you are doing. Please be very careful if you will do the procedure yourself or even better, go to a good mechanist and do it there.

Davo, the second picture you posted with the 2 Provid arms is from an older sale post of mine!

I hope I helped a bit guys - thank you!

- Haris -






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