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FS: ARRI WVT wireless video Pro Set

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I’m selling my ARRI WVT-1 Wireless Video System - Pro Set

This is a practically new set, purchased in October 2021. ARRI’s wireless system is known for its efficient pairing and strong and steady signal.

This set has plenty of mounting accessories and each of the receivers have Gold Mount adapters attached.

Custom pelican case with custom molding included. 

This is a $15,000 set new.

K2.0014051 - WVT-1 Wireless Video Transmitter K2.0014053 - WVR-1 Wireless Video Receiver K2.0022606 - Wireless Video Receiver small WVR-1s 
K2.0014504 - Battery Adapter Cage Gold Mount BAC-G
K2.0014204 - WVR-1 Battery Adapter Gold Mount BAG-1
K2.0024374 - WVR-1s Battery Adapter AMICRO BAG-1s
K2.0014331 - Cable PWR OUT/12V - RS/PWR IN (0.5m)
K2.0001637 - Cable RS - RS/PWR IN (0.5m/1.6ft) 
K2.0002668 - Cable D-Tap - RS/PWR IN (0.5m/1.6ft) 
K2.0001967 - L-Bracket
K2.0014323 - Multi Interface Adapter MIA-1 
2x 2.0014893 - 3/8in Thread Adapter 
K2.0014774 - Receiver Power Supply RPS-1 K2.0015006 - Wireless Video System Case 
7x K2.0014568 -  Antenna Video/WiFi/ECS
K2.0014216 - USB Cable WVS 
K2.0024039 - Micro USB Kabel (1.8m/6ft)






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