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tips for my first steadicam

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I started with the full kit proline....

my most inmediate upgrade was the vest, Exovest from Tiffen.

then the arm, into smartsystem x1 arm

I currently fly the sled, with betz wave on it. I made many personal modifications.

Luciano the owner is very responsive.

I strongly suggest take a workshop so that you can try different sleds and know if you choose proline what's the difference.

enjoy the process!

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make a 2 meter X on your floor and close it off to be a box with an X inside, practice moving the rig on the line and dance around it while pointing at a moving or static X mark on you wall.


Practice switching while always walking forward or backwards never sideways, move slow and fast, stops and holds all the range of motion.

this really helped me get better at moving in a small area

I would also practice moving trough doorways and tight corridors while switching from missionary to Don Juan 


if you can get your hands on a copy of the steadicam operator manual.

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