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Steadyrig Arm for sale, previously owned, totally rebuilt

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In recent times, we here at Rig Engineering, have done a total rebuilt on a pre-owned Silver Spring Arm.

This arm has been stripped to the bone; we gave it the whole nine yards, which included:

·       A complete dismantle

·       Metal surface refinishing,

·       All new screws

·       All new bearings

·       All new cables  

·       All new bumpers

·       Completely re-anodized

·       New pin block return spring

·       Comes with an original speed crank

·       Bench tested

·       13 to 63 lbs. lift range

·       Comes with a standard Rig Engineering full warranty


After this process, this arm, effectively, is what one may consider,

as almost a new Arm.


For those who may be interested please send us an Email.                                              


Kind regards,

Hugo Langer

Rig Engineering
Melbourne, Australia.

Rigs Can Fly.

T: +61-4-1356-1635
E: admin@steadyrig.com
W: www.steadyrig.com



Steady Rig Spring Arm 01.jpg

Steady Rig Spring Arm 02.jpg

Steady Rig Spring Arm 03.jpg

Steady Rig Spring Arm 04.jpg

Steady Rig Spring Arm 05.jpg

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