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Various 2" XCS Gear For Sale

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Hi all,

After flying my Volt for over 8 months with no issues, I've decided to sell my backup XCS Post, Gimbal & AKS.  My preference would be to make a deal for everything, as this package is perfect for someone upgrading to a 2" carbon fiber post, or building a new sled.  Also, I'm not opposed to breaking up the package either.  Everything is in excellent working order, with some minor cosmetic scratches.  Gimbal was maintained by Greg Bubb at XCS in late 2021, so in perfect shape.  Pricing is based on less than 50% the cost new.  Buyer pays shipping.

Here's what I'm selling:

1.  XCS 2" Gimbal with standard handle, 8" solid arm post and gimbal tool:  $3,000 USD (can purchase collar for smaller diameter posts)

2.  XCS Ergo Handle (regular operators):  $800 USD

3.  XCS 2" Telescoping Carbon Fiber Post with HD Cable & PRO connectors:  $3,000 USD

4.  XCS 2" Telescoping Dual Rod Monitor Arm:  $600 USD (can purchase collar for smaller diameter posts)

5.  XCS 8" Rigid Camera Dovetail Plate:  $200 USD

6.  Hill Docking bracket with GoreLock for 2" post, x7 docking collars, spare Gorelock Mag Dock for Moses Pole & Dual pin mount:  $800 USD

7.  Pelican 1600 case with foam inserts:  included with purchase of entire XCS package.

Please contact me with any questions.

Thanks, Mark.



XCS_3 Gimbal.jpg

XCS_4 Ergo.jpg








XCS_5 2

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