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Which Rig 2022

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Hi all, 


I know this topic has been brought up before but I don't think since the artemis 2, m2 and dragonfly were options! 

I'm looking to get my first rig and am of the mindset buy once cry once. I'm between a 2nd hand Gpi pro rig and the ones listed above ( artemis 2, m2 and dragonfly) 

As a first rig the dragonfly if probably outside the realm of possibity. 

What are the experienced thoughts of the gpi pro rigs future proofing vs the artemis? 

The m2 core bundle will get me up and running with a full rig for cheaper than the other options but will I want to be swapping out arms and vests after 18 months? 

I missed BSC because of work so I'll be onto the manufacturers to see where I can catch them next to test ! 

But any thoughts from more experienced minds would be great!


Cathal Mac Réamoinn 

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Hey I’m in the same boat as you my friend!  I’m trying to decide between the Artemis2 and GPI. I’m also looking into which arm and vest is the most comfortable for both the Artemis 2 & the Trinity 2. Any insights would be appreciated!  Slainte! 

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