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MK-V V4 Sled

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AR Omega ready

£12,000 + VAT (vat for UK buyers) or nearest offer

Images : https://adobe.ly/3aQdgp0

Includes a Cinetronic Monitor. Its a really bright solid monitor but since new never worked in HD. I used it daily though on my AR sled in SD which suited the slip rings. Using the downconverter provides a very bright and crisp image viewable from any angle. You may want to upgrade the monitor but I strongly recommend you try and get a monitor that fits this yoke. Its the best yoke I have ever had operating Steadicam. I include a spare downconverter in the kit and a flight case. 

V4 Electronics J and D box

Very solid sled. I was a huge fan on the simplified base which keeps the sled as short as possible with the most clearance whilst also  sending the weight as far away as possible. There are no vibrations in the sled its really solid. 

x_22_06_NIKON Z 7__DSC8817.jpg

x_22_06_NIKON Z 7__DSC8823.jpg

x_22_06_NIKON Z 7__DSC8812.jpg

x_22_06_NIKON Z 7__DSC8814.jpg

x_22_06_NIKON Z 7__DSC8820.jpg

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