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First Gig - Critique?

Richard Williamson

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Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this on but wanted some pro ops to critique my first steadicam gig. For some background this was shot using the Red Komodo with a canon 15-47 CNE lens. I was pulling focus using a tilta nucleus handgrip rigged up to my gimbal handle so that made it pretty hard especially for being my first gig but luckily most of the shots didn't require much pulling. 

I definitely notice the horizon being off for some of these but any other comments you may have that might help would greatly be appreciated! 





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I'm brand new into steadicam myself (just bought my first rig last week) and I'd be horrified this being my first gig! Look at all those people! 

Yeah the horizon was floating around a bit, but it kind of ads to the energy of the event. You also had some great whip pans! Super confident landings on those. 

I'm sure some of the pros on here can provide some better feedback. 


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Always wear full blacks...so you blend with as much of the background and can stay hidden in the shadows as much as possible.  That screaming white t shirt makes you stand out and more easily seen by other cameras which is a big no no.

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Im new to Steadicam Transitioning from Local80 Dolly Grip to operator Steadicam, I own & operate an Sony F55 W/ low budget CAMTV Steadi rig, paid 1200 bucks for I use a new 7” tvlogic monitor its not a precision ask rig but the gimbal isn’t bad and it’s helped me develop to know that I want to do this and pursue it ,  I’ll put some pictures up tomorrow but I’m looking to upgrade my arm than my sled and then lastly the vest but I’m looking for a socket block that I can adapt to my curtain vest so that I can change my arm out I don’t really have a lot of budget for an arm about 3 to 4000 max at the moment any recommendations

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