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Pelican 1745 Air

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Hey folks, I am considering buying one of these long “rifle” style cases for my sled, particularly the Pelican 1745 Air. 

I have always hated how bulky and hard to carry/ maneuver the typical Steadicam case is, especially in small New York apartments. So the idea of having a more space-saving case is very appealing to me. 
I would need a custom foam setup, but the sled would fit within the dimensions of the case and would still have room for docking bracket, monitor etc. 

The only thing I am unsure of is how much foam should there be between the edge of the case and the gear? It should work out that at the extremities there would be at least 1-2 inches of foam while the rest of the sled would have ample room. 

Before I pull the trigger on this I would appreciate any advice, general guidelines on case foam, recommendations, or any anecdotes; especially if you have used or considered one of these long cases for your gear. 


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