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Moses Pole/Monopod for sale

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Used Moses pole/Monopod for steadicam docking on the go, from Rock Steadi.

It's a 2 sections pole, total length is 60" once assembled. Very easy to put together and breakdown. Life saver when your docking stand can not be close enough.

Currently set-up with a fork for Gorelock/Jerry Hill 1.500" docking ring system, fits GPI/Pro rigs, ring not included (https://steadimoves.com/product/gorelock-2-new-style-docking-ring-call-d-sizes/). Different forks are available from Rock Steadi directly (will supply Tim Moynihan's email for inquiry). I also have a feeling the Clean's Camera Support forks might work as well, but haven't checked on that (https://cleanscamerasupport.com/product/moses-poles/).

$500 + shipping or local pick-up/delivery. Pole is located in Glendale, CA






Moses Pole #1.jpeg

Moses Pole #6.jpeg

Moses Pole #5.jpeg

Moses Pole #4.jpeg

Moses Pole #3.jpeg

Moses Pole #2.jpeg

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