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depressed with the current monitors


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Hello everyone, I currently have a Small HD 703 UB on my rig. Unfortunately, this has been in service for 1.5 months and there is currently no reliable statement as to when this could come back. the display sometimes went black for no reason and you had to restart it, the joystick sometimes stopped working and in my opinion it was too dark at full brightness.

Do I now have to buy a second 703 UB so that I always have a working one or should I rather take a different one?

The problem is that I also love the transvideo monitors but I don't want to have a 6" monitor and I've had pretty bad experiences with the 8".

is there anyone here who has the stargate and can recommend it? I mean 800nit in sunlight, maybe someone from California ;)

(by the way, the transvideo would also have tally and horizon)

or then as a backup or as the first monitor the TVLogic with 3600nit?

I work outside a lot.

Thank you guys

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While I don't live in California, I have an older generation 8" transvideo (1000nits I think) that I use for backup and even in Georgia I can't see much of anything in direct sunlight so I'm not sure 800nit is what you're looking for. I don't own one, but from what I've heard, the Boland BVB07 has a good weight (you can also add a battery mount to the back), is incredibly bright and the off axis view is pretty solid. They're also a bit cheaper than the 703 UB ($2,250 vs $2,999 US). 

I did a little bit of searching on the forum about the TV Logic F-7H (the one you're referring to). Somethings that came up were the off axis view was not as good as the 703 UB and that it also get's alarmingly hot when running for a while as if the housing is a heatsink (think Teradek).

Is there a reason why you don't want a 6" monitor?

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