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ARRI TRINITY // Artemis Package for sale

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I am selling my ARRI TRINITY // Artemis Package.

Both the TRINITY and the Artemis are fully serviced. 

The Package doesn’t include a monitor.

The TRINITY includes all the necessary cables to power an ARRI Starlite or a SmallHD 503 (2pin) monitor. 


Package includes:  

K2.0010282 TRINITY upgrade bundle 3B, 2.5in

 K2.0010287 TRINITY Joystick Monitor Mount

K2.0010569 Gimbal Handel Extender for 1.8in Gimbal

K2.0010288 TRINITY Battery Mount, Gold Mount 4x

K2.0010319 artemis Docking Bracket, 1.8in

K2.0010290 TRINITY PWR, Lemo 1B 4pin to 1B 4pin

K2.0024100 TRINITY PWR, Lemo 1S 3pin to 1S 3pin (only for TRINITY upgraded to 24V)

K2.0014805 TRINITY Joystick Main cable (single BNC-SMB cable)

Custom TRINITY Joystick Main cable (two BNC-SMB cables VID. OUT & LOOP OUT)

K2.0014804 TRINITY BNC cable for Joystick Main cable – spare BNC-SMC cable for the TRINITY Main cable (K2.0014805), backup

K2.0014801 Joystick Pwr. cable for ARRI Starlite

K2.0014801 Joystick Pwr. cable for ARRI Starlite, backup

K2.0014803 Joystick Pwr. cable for Transvideo Starlite and SmallHD 503, 2pin Lemo

Custom Joystick Pwr. Y-cable for Transvideo Starlite/SmallHD 503 (2pin) & ARRI Starlite (5pin)

K2.0010296 TRINITY Ext. Power Cable, D-Tab to 1S 3pin


K2.0014264 TRINITY and Artemis Post Extension 3B, 10pin length 8.5in, diameter 1.8in

K2.0010466 Artemis Rain Cover Lower Sled

K2.0010299 QL Camera Plate MAXIMA / TRINITY

K2.0010299 QL Camera Plate MAXIMA / TRINITY, backup

K2.0035956 SSB-1, Stabilizer System Bracket for TRINITY, MAXIMA, SAM plates – mounted to the TRINITY Head


ARRI/Sachtler Artemis Cine HD Pro Rig, Gold Mount


K2.0010321 Artemis Monitor Bracket 6in / 140 mm Rods / 1.5” Clamp)

K2.0010443 Artemis Camera Plate 8in

K2.0010443 Artemis Camera Plate 8in, backup

15mm Lightweight Support, incl. 15mm Rods




K2.0010434 Hex Key 4mm/5.32in 

K2.0040046 CSS Post Tool for Artemis and TRINITY

3D printed TRINITY Centering Tool

HEADLOK and Roll Lock Bracket for TRINITY 

TRINITY-Bumpers, 3D printed


Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2-851F to run the GUI and setup the TRINITY


Cables for both TRINITY & Artemis:


K2.0010540 Cam Power, Cine, 12V, HiCap, ALEXA Mini, ALEXA 35 *

K2.0010538 Cam Power, Cine, 12V, HiCap, ALEXA (full size ALEXA LF) *

K2.0010472 Cam Power, Cine, 12V, HiCap, Red EPIC *

Custom cable Cam Power, Cine, 12V, HiCap, Red Ranger *

*All Cam Power HiCap cables will also work as 24V Cables if used with the 24V upgraded TRINITY in 24V Mode


Custom Focus Pwr cable to 2pin (ARRI polarity) for Teradek TX

Custom Focus Pwr cable to D-Tap (female)

Custom Focus Pwr cable to D-Tap (female), backup

Custom Focus Pwr cable to D-Tap splitter

Custom Cam Pwr 12/24V, Lemo 1S 3pin cable to D-Tap (female)


K2.0016274 Case Artemis Gen. 1, Rig, Pelican 1615 Air, with foam inlay

The TRINITY Head will be shipped in a foam inlay in original cardboard boxes. 

The foam inlay will fit into a SKB 3i-2317-14BE case - which is not included in the package. 


The TRINITY is upgraded with all the available upgrades - like: 

K2.0024710 24V Upgrade for TRINITY Gen. 1

Quick Lock Plate Upgrade

Pendulum Upgrade

New high contrast display, July 2022


The Artemis Cine HD Pro is upgraded to meet al specs of an ARRI Artemis Cine Broadcast – 12/24V power supply, high capacaty wiring (up to 10 Amps), hot swap, 3 battery mounts, 2x HD SDI Video and Tally support. The 1.8in Post and the 2in Gimbal allow up to 40 Kg / 88 lb payload. 

The Rig (Package) is constantly serviced and upgraded by ARRI CSS and comes with a K2.0010321 Artemis Monitor Bracket 6in / 140 mm Rods / 1.5” Clamp) that supports any Transvideo 6in CineMonitor. 


I am asking 42.500 € (without taxes)

The Package is in Germany, buyer pays for shipping. 






















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