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Stolen SmartSystem Rig

Marc Dunham

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Wasn't sure where to post this. Pretty upset at the situation, my stupidity, etc. Just trying to cover my bases

Yesterday in North Hollywood, CA my SmartSystem case was stolen from my car including:

- Matrix Sled Extreme: SCM.1EAB2F.202A97.2C (3studs version)

- ArmX1: SCM.094AEA.21966D.27

They smashed my windows and removed the case. I filed a police report of course and will be checking pawn shops and what not but figured I'd alert people here in case someone tries selling it. 

I have insurance but who knows if they'll decide to cover it. If you come across anything suspicious let me know here or email me @ marc@dunhamfilm.com 

Thank you 

WaAArmX1: SCM.094AEA.21966D.27rmX1: SCM.094AEA.21966D.27ArmX1: SCM.094AEA.21966D.27

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As I'm gearing up to sell my Smartsystem Sled, I noticed I forgot to update this. As David said I recovered my stolen gear a week after it was stolen. 

Pretty crazy story. I had an old Southwest Airlines tag on my gear still and I guess who ever stole it all was so confused on what a steadicam is or something that they just ended up leaving it all in Hollywood somewhere. An amazing person called Southwest airlines and handed it all off to them who then called me about this weird scenario and if I was missing any bags lately. 


So ya I think I had spent all my good karma on that crazy luck. Now I'm running an M2 and don't need my smartsystem sled but it was so fortunate that I recovered everything. Unfortunately most people aren't so lucky. 

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