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Anton Bauer Titon 150 vs Beebob 150 Micro

Simeon Geyer

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Hey guys, 

I’m looking to buy a new set of Gold Mount batteries and currently between the Anton Bauer Titon 150 and the Beebob 150 micro. 
Both have the same mount and capacity but are quite a difference in weight and size. 
Titon = 1.09KG
Beebob = 0.77kg 

I’m wondering if anyone has experience with each or either and what would make more sense, especially going forward? Part of me thinks having heavier batteries will come in handy with the balancing? 
I’m currently aiming to start out with a Zephyr rig with dual battery mount and down the line step up to a full sized rig. 

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Personally I'd go with the heavier weight for when you need to counter against a particularly large camera build. It will allow you to keep your post relatively compact, while still hopefully giving you a drop time you like. The inverse can happen though if you're flying mostly light builds where the bottom of the sled can get so heavy to the point where you're now moving your gimbal farther down the post and away from the camera's CG to make it more top heavy and get a better drop time. You could add more wight back on top to balance it out or fly one battery for the whole sled (if it's wired that way)...it's all about balance at the end of the day.

Also, I don't know what the overall weight limit is on the Zephyr. So that would be the first thing in deciding which one to go with.

As far as experience with the batteries goes, I like Anton Bauers line and use them personally. I have heard great things about Beebob, but have no on set experience with them. I've recently been looking at the new Core SWX Helix 150s.

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Hey Maxwel, 

You pointed out exactly what I was considering. The Zephyr has a 23rd so or 10.4Kg payload.. so with 2 Titon 150 on the bottom (~2.2kg) I’d have ~8.2kg left for monitor and camera package I guess.. If I’m right to assume that the advised payload of 10.4KG is inclusive of ANYTHING I add to the rig right?

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