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Tiffen Steadicam M2 power distribution

Daniel Parmo

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I have a Steadicam M2. I recently had a one day job, with the Alexa 35.  Added a 24v battery cable. Setting up the rig for 24v and turning the 3rd battery to 24v. It seemed like the main draw was from battery #1. It also turned a bit warm. At the end of the day, when we had changed batteries extensively, I tried to flip the 3rd battery to 12v, and the voltage increased and camera lasted longer. I didn’t find out if the 3rd battery actually did deliver power in this setting. 
This doesn’t make sense to me. Anybody else experienced this?

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Hi Daniel,

I’m going onto a job with the same set up Tiffen M2 with a Alexa 35, what did you mean when you say ‘added a 24v cable’  did you mean power cable from top stage to camera, also was the battery swap a lot more often as I’v got 9 x IDX 198’s I’m hoping this will be enough!. Will let you know how i get on.


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