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GPI PRO sled (no arm or vest, just the sled Mam)

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- PRO HD sled
- Original AB battery hanger
- VZ gimbal
- 17” solid center post (SD)
- Superpost (HD) by DCE & case
- Transvideo HD monitor 
- Cam-Jam.de monitor yoke
- TB-6 Green screen
- Original GPI monitor arm 
- 8 PAG branded batteries, to be used as the 2nd or 3rd battery (they’re old, like me, but play well with the younger kids)
- 2 Anton Bauer chargers (double & quad)
- Hill docking brackets
- Various power cables, mostly film but could be updated to use with digital cameras
- 3 camera plates
located in Los Angeles
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Now includes XCS monitor arm for Transvideo Monitor.
 - Basically a complete sled. 
-  Added XCS camera plate
- new Panavision camera cover
- Removed TB-6 monitor and down converter

sled weight is 13lbs (without monitor cables or camera plate)


Updated List
https://www.dropbox.com/s/7kvcaqcwiaot69v/sled sale nov.pdf?dl=0

Asking $18,500




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