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Turn Key, Fully Rebuilt and Updated Tiffen IIIA Package

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Full package description and price breakdown below:
I am not parting this out, I am selling it as a complete kit. I'm pricing this rig the way I am in hopes of finding a fledgling Steadicam op who will give it a good home.
This has been my workhorse rig for the last 7 years. I have completely overhauled the entire rig since I purchased it. 
The base Steadicam is a 1989 Tiffen IIIA that has been fully overhauled and updated to modern set standards. Every nut, bolt, cable and bearing has been replaced and/or refurbished by top industry technicians. Loads of spares included.
Rob Luna completely overhauled the arm and gimbal in 2016. The arm is rated for 32lb-56lbs. All the hardware and cables are new, the springs are still in great condition. Before I owned this rig it lived in a news studio. It moves like butter. The gimbal is in perfect condition.
David Hable/Cramped Attic overhauled the sled wiring and built the top-stage donkey box and the battery hanger and breakout box. It is 12V or 24V (1,2 or 3 battery) ready at the flip of a switch. The sled is set up for AB batts (included). 3G-SDI throughout.
The batteries did 14 days on one set and haven't been used since. They're in like-new condition.
The original monitor bracket has been replaced with a modern telescopic flippable yoke with a 7" Atomos Shogun Flame that records for quick playback and review. Great for keeping takes for your reel. It has a 1500 nit screen with an anti-reflection cover that holds up in direct sun for the most part. I rarely need a courtesy flag chasing me around to shade the screen. Comes with an identical spare monitor for when your trainee whacks the screen with a door handle....twice.
I restored the vest and had new padding made for it. It's comfortable and very adjustable. I'm a small operator (5'9' 150lbs soaking wet) and it fits me snugly and adjusts to fit larger (225lb+) operators easily. It also has a one-of-a-kind magnetic arm-dock so you can use both hands between takes.
The cart was custom designed and built for this package, it has a locking padded transport/storage coffin, full rain cover (mint zippers), and an extending rain cover for the Steadicam when it's in the transport yoke at the end of the cart.  The entire cart can also break down and clamshells together like a road case for shipping worldwide. It comfortably fits in the back of a small SUV when collapsed.
Also included:
Garfield mount.
Spare top-stage and dovetail
Cheese plates
Alexa anti-vibration dovetail
Custom Steadicam-Arm Frog-Clamp handheld rig
Power cables for Red, Arri, Sony, Panavision, Panasonic.
Hardness BNC's
Steadicam Sled Case, battery case, dino case with drawers for the cart.
Vest Bag (like new, cosmetic blemishes)
Arm bag (like new)
Rain Covers (new)
2x Like new 4 bank battery chargers
8x Like new 135WH Rolux batteries (AB Mount)
- Cart needs two new wheels (available at princess auto)
- Missing the rain cover extension "vestibule" vinyl. Would cost $200-$300 new from Best Film. If I find that piece of vinyl it will be included at no extra cost.
Vancouver area pick up or delivery for no extra cost.
If shipping elsewhere, buyer pays all shipping and duty costs.


IMG_7666 Large.jpeg

IMG_7653 Large.jpeg

IMG_7665 Large.jpeg

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IMG_7651 Large.jpeg

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IMG_7649 Large.jpeg

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IMG_7648 Large.jpeg

IMG_7647 Large.jpeg

IMG_7646 Large.jpeg

IMG_7645 Large.jpeg

IMG_7643 Large.jpeg

IMG_7642 Large.jpeg

IMG_7638 Large.jpeg

IMG_7635 Large.jpeg

IMG_7634 Large.jpeg

IMG_7631 Large.jpeg

IMG_7630 Large.jpeg

IMG_7605 Large.jpeg

IMG_7625 Large.jpeg

IMG_7612 Large.jpeg

IMG_7610 Large.jpeg

IMG_7609 Large.jpeg

IMG_7606 Large.jpeg

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IMG_7599 Large.jpeg

IMG_7593 Large.jpeg

IMG_7592 Large.jpeg

IMG_7667 Large.jpeg

IMG_7668 Large.jpeg

IMG_7670 Large.jpeg

IMG_7671 Large.jpeg

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IMG_7674 Large.jpeg

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IMG_7680 Large.jpeg

IMG_7687 Large.jpeg

IMG_7692 Large.jpeg

IMG_7695 Large.jpeg

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IMG_7712 Large.jpeg

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On 9/30/2022 at 4:36 PM, Ferdinand leGrange said:

You willing to part with just your Garfield mount? ferdinand.a.legrange@gmail.com

Hey Ferdinand, at the moment I'm trying not to part out the kit at all. If that changes I'll circle back to you.

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Hi David,

Who made your sled raincovers? And arm bag?  And Cart cover?  I have them all but need new/replace and looking for good vendors.  Any references appreciated.

Best Will Arnot

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