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ProAim Easy Rig- 4-35lbs

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This is the ProAim Flycam 850N (4-35lb capacity) copy of an authentic Easy Rig. The build quality is not quite that of the model manufactured in Sweden, but it works, and for the price, is quite a reasonable alternative . It comes with the ProAim version of a Flowcine Serene. It too, works just as the more expensive model. I am pricing these items accordingly.There is a 4-35lb capacity on this unit.

Selling together $750.00

Easy Rig only $55

Serene only $200

Buyer pays shipping.


CE72959D-DD4D-4651-8D07-31454355B880.heic 436036D2-C3A0-42FF-9E3B-D2CECD119616.heic 09214522-7B4A-4909-82AC-842D5B1DAEEE.heic 13B401DE-9678-429A-8BD0-872F16AAE82A.heic AC5A5C16-F887-4060-A189-70D8FB58ACC0.heic


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