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Flyer hardware identification

Calum Tsang

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Hi folks

I recently bought a used Flyer and am modifying it for use with my C100, eg plumbing it for HDMI video and a new battery system.

As I'm just experimenting with it, my goal is the lowest cost approach to making it work right now.

One question I was hoping to learn more about was what exactly I have.

I believe what I have is a very early Flyer original model:

  • The arm is what appears to be an original Flyer "grey arm".  It has a label which says it was manufactured by Tiffen and has the "modern" Steadicam logo.
  • The sled on the other hand has a label which says Cinema Products (but with a Tiffen QA sticker) and has reddish adjustment knobs and a red gimbal grip.  It has dual NP1 battery holders which appear to be original as the "paddle" has holes machined exactly for it.  The lower sled is missing the Flyer branding on the monitor arm.  The power cabling on the other hand is completely hacked around to power a third party LCD SD monitor, but the upper stage has a two pin Lemo 0B on it.   The post is narrow, with a 15.8mm OD and the dovetail plate is about seven inches long.

From what I've read here, the sled appears to be for a Steadicam Mini, which is functionally identical to the early Flyer sleds, except for colour.  Is it possible that early Flyers shipped with surplus Mini sleds?  As far as I can tell, there's no difference in appearance or operation from the manual.


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The Mini was similar to the early Flyer but only had the gimbal fork attached to the sled with the tilt part in the end of the arm. the arm was a very simple thing that looked like an angle-poise lamp with one moving section. The grey arm was an early Flyer arm. yes it could have been a crossover around the time of the change from CP to Tiffen, the other anomolies all sound like previous owners mods.


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Thanks! After some more digging, it does look exactly like a Mini sled.  The good news is the whole system as far as I can tell is mechanically functional.

The extent of the modifications is vast and requires significant unworking :)

  • I disassembled and washed the vest.  Turns out it's like washing a backpack or stuffed animal toy.
  • Several of the wing screws (socket block, docking stand) were broken, so I found the replacement on McMaster Carr and got them.
  • I cleaned up the arm.  There seems to be nothing missing from the arm.
  • The monitor is dim and mostly useless, so I have purchased a new 7" HDMI monitor.
  • I am working on rewiring the center post, which on this generation of Flyer/Mini sled, is very narrow
    • Piping HDSDI is a nonstarter for me, so I'm trying to get a Micro HDMI connector through the post.  I will leave the BNC in case I ever need to use it.
    • I will probably reuse the Lemo 0B connector on the sled, in case I ever need to fly another camera, such as a C300.
  • I have designed and printed a fairing for a new battery to sit on the bottom, which will fit a (don't laugh) Ryobi drill battery and include a LM2596 DC stepdown converter to run both the monitor and C100.  As I don't quite want to invest in a V lock/D tap battery system yet, this is by far the lowest cost/risk approach.
  • I have to figure out focus assist/servo zoom
  • I have to figure out how to clean the case it came in.  It's a giant square velcro bag and was left in a garage so it seems dirtied by rodents etc.

This is a big science project for me, so it's been really interesting.


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Hi folks

Does anyone know how to remove this pin?

There's a small hollow pin that fixes a cylindrical "flange" to the shaft of the post.  The flange piece has four holes tapped for screws to hold the top stage, the pin seems to fix the flange so the shaft won't drop away below. 

It seems pressure fit in there, but before I jam something through it, I thought I'd ask, just in case it was threaded or keyed some way.


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