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Flyer LE Vest Buckle

Taylor Gentry

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I have a Steadicam Flyer LE system that I have had running for several years. Its been re-wired by Terry West, the Gimbal was recently calibrated by Robert Luna. This has been a great mini system for me for several years now. My problem is that one of the buckles at the top / shoulder area is broken. The left side female part of the buckle is cracked. I reached out to repairs at Tiffen and as the Flyer vest is no longer supported they sent me the buckle assembly for a scout, which is not the same spec and does not work. Wondering if anyone has suggestions on repairing this Flyer vest. Are there aftermarket buckles that work with the Flyer vest? Should I invest in a new vest that is currently supported? Which vests will work with the Flyer arm?



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On 10/26/2022 at 5:09 AM, RobinThwaites said:

Hi Taylor

If you are in the US please contact the Tiffen factory again and ask for part number 078-7296-01which definitely matches the drawing I have for the Flyer vest.


Hi! Do you have the drawing your speaking of? Sounds like Tiffen has the part. Would you be able to share the drawing?

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