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Cinema Devices ERGORIG w/ Undersling Kit

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Cinema Devices ERGORIG Hand Held Shooting Harness with Undersling Kit

ERGORIG for sale. Used for one shoot only. Excellent piece of gear that works exactly as advertised. Super comfortable and adjustable for all sizes. 

I haven’t been doing as much handheld these days and been focusing on using my Flowcine GLINK for some non-shoulder handheld shots. Figured I’d let this part of my equipment inventory go. Absolute minimal wear. Comes with the under sling accessory and handy carry bag.

Bought new for $2700USD

Asking $1900USD. Pretty firm on price but we will see whether the marketplace agrees.

Buyer pays shipping from Vancouver, BC and any import fees to get cleared into your country.

Buyers local to Vancouver can take $50 off price.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have.

Thank you!

Matt Tichenor



Keep your shots smooth and protect your body with this Cinema Devices Hand Held Shooting Harness with Undersling Kit from B&H Photo. It has been assembled to help protect your body from the rigors of handheld shooting with heavy professional cameras and provide you with a way of getting that same protection when shooting low-angle handheld shots. The Cinema Devices ERGO1 rig is an adjustable yet rigid half vest that you wear, and it takes the weight completely off your shoulder and spine while transferring it to your hips.

The height of the vest is adjustable, and padding helps spread the weight out along your hips. Even though you are wearing a rigid vest, the ERGO1 preserves your freedom of movement and does not interfere with your ability to stand, sit, kneel, and move about. However, when you want those handheld low-angle shots while still protecting your body from up to 50 pounds of camera weight, the included Undersling adjustable suspension system allows you to position the camera from just under your shoulder all the way to floor level.

Cinema Devices Ergorig Lightweight Body Mounted Harness (Standard)

The Ergorig Lightweight Body Mounted Harness from Cinema Devices is an innovative body vest for shoulder-mounting a camera without putting any stress on the spine. It supports heavy-duty loads, such as a fully-accessorized ARRI ALEXA 65, and 100% of the weight is distributed to the hips. This standard version is designed for operators with an average-length torso (see more about this below).

The Ergorig features a robust shoulder rest that sits slightly elevated off your shoulder, and you place your camera rig right on top of it. At the same time, because the Ergorig belt secures above your hips, all the weight of the camera load is displaced to the hips, so there's no pressure at all on your spine. 

You do feel some contact with the shoulder rest, just a touch, especially as you move about, and this helps have optimal control of the camera. You can alternatively float the shoulder rest a bit higher so there's no contact at all. The Ergorig was developed by a veteran camera operator over a period of about two years, with consultation from an orthopedic surgeon. It transfers all the weight from the thoracic/lumbar vertebrae to the hips.

Because the Ergorig sits above your waist you can freely sit, kneel, run, and otherwise move around with your camera load, and there will be no change in pressure on your spine. The shoulder rest is large and is designed to ensure that the camera won't slide off of it. It sits level, unrelated to your shoulder slope. It also has a non-stick surface to ensure a smooth workflow. The tilt angle and lateral position of the shoulder rest are also adjustable after loosening four screws. And the height of the Ergorig is adjustable along the strut to better adjust to your torso. The Ergorig also has accessory loops for walkie-talkies and other on-set accessories.

This standard version of the Ergorig is designed for the majority of operators. The difference between the standard and short versions is in the length of the struts and is based on the operator's torso. Measure your torso from your front hip point to the top middle of your shoulder. If the length is over 21", the standard version is for you. The belt size is the same in both versions and is adjustable to fit most operators. (If you're right at 21", either version will work for you.) The Ergorig is suitable for men and women operators alike. Women may prefer to adjust the midriff strap, which stabilizes the rig to the body, either above or below the chest line, or to set it to sit straight across.

The Ergorig also supports a camera in underslung mode. To do this, attach any secure strap to an eyelet of the camera's top handle, and wrap it around the gripping pad on top of the Ergorig. The Ergorig will support the weight, and the midriff straps will keep everything in place. For transport, the Ergorig can be broken down in order to pack in a more compact form. After removal of several screws, the different parts of the Ergorig can be removed from one another. And everything packs away into an included carry bag.

Key Features
  • Shoulder-mount a camera without putting any stress on the spine
  • Robust shoulder rest keeps your camera slightly elevated off your shoulder
  • With the Ergorig belt secured above the hips, 100% of the weight is transferred off the shoulder and thoracic/lumbar vertebrae to the hips
  • Supports heavy-duty loads, such as a fully-accessorized ARRI ALEXA 65
  • Although the shoulder rest sits slightly raised, you do feel some contact with it (or you can set it higher so there is no contact)
  • Designed not to restrict movement, so you can freely sit, kneel, run, and otherwise move around with your camera load
  • Supports a camera in underslung mode (a secure strap is required for this)
  • Suitable for men and women operators alike
  • Accessory loops for walkie-talkies and other on-set accessories
  • Breaks down for transport
  • Made in the USA





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