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Steadicam M2 Volt + Wave 1 + G70X Arm + Exovest for sale

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Hi everyone,

Selling my Steadicam M2 Volt, betz wave 1 with a G70X arm and an Exovest. Everything is in good condition.

list of the items:

- Tiffen Steadicam M2 Volt, 2- section post and 3 v mount battery plates.

- Betz Tools wave 1 with betz plate + cable.

- Tiffen M2 sled tools and accessories

- 2pcs Tiffen Volt docking bracket with accessories and original pouch 

- Transvideo cinemonitor 8" 2 

- Transvideo soft cover and SDI cables

- Tiffen Steadicam G70X Arm with accessories and original pouch 12000$

- ARRI Arm rain cover 

- Tiffen Steadicam Fawcett Exovest with accessories and original case 

- Pelican iM2950 ( Steadicam Sled ) original 

- 2pcs arri 3pin to alexa mini/mini lf/ super35/ arri amira/ sxt

-cable for red v raptor xl 

- cable for sony venice 

- cable for live broadcast xlr 4 

- punch of bnc cables different sizes and 12G 

- cables for wireless and spliter d tap 

- tilta counterbalance + T shape screw driver 


Total asking price: 55000$

Every single item is on perfect condition. 


Here is the photos 




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