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Help with opening Pilot/Flyer gimbal for cleaning

Herman Wong

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I did a bit of searching in this forum but there really hasn't been much useful information about exactly how to open up the Pilot/Flyer gimbal.  There have been maybe 2 posts dating back many years ago, but not a whole lot of details.  Could someone tell me how to remove the cover piece that shrouds the bearings (is there even a cover piece) ?  Also please ignore the wiring which I had not fully removed yet.

Basically I got the gimbal separate from the post, but I am unable to figure out how to open it. There are no more screws or holes to insert spanner tool and remove cover (as I've been watching similar vids on Youtube).  The outer ring that connects to the yoke I can't really do anything with.  That leaves the black ring in the middle, but I'm not sure where to go from there.


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Hey Herman. An old thread but here is the gimbal taken apart. There are 2 pressure rings. 1 outer and 1 inner. Take a precision flat head screwdriver and get under the exposed end with the lip. gently slide the head around the circumference of the sleeve. It will easily pop off. Now the sleeve will come out. Just use finger pressure and wiggle back and forth. The ring holding the bearing is done in the same way. The bearing will come out the same way as well. While this is the way to get to the bearing it not to be done over and over as the rings will lose their tension over time. Putting it back together is just as easy. Just press the ring around the sleeve starting with the squared end in the channel and it will go into place. Same with the bearing. If you need to replace the bearing they are readily available online.



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