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Mod Advice - Drill New Waist Ratchet Buckle Holes?

Bob Beresh

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Hey All.

I run into a situation with my vest that the aluminum stiffening block on the waist straps gets caught in the strap guide at the end of the waist pad plastic. This means that I have to run the block right up against the last tooth of the plastic ratchet strap in order for that piece to clear the strap guide.

A solution I thought would work is to drill a new hole for the ratchet buckles on either side of the vest about 1.5" in from where they currently sit. (see pic) However I don't want to invite cracking or a loss of shear strength in the plastic because there is now a hole "downstream" of the load. Then again, the load is between the new hole and the spar connector to the waist plastic. Hmm.

Any thoughts on bringing the ratchet buckles closer to the center of the vest? I see that the Ultra vests have the ratchet buckles very close to the center spar, granted that they are attached directly to the front stiffening plate.

Thanks for your help!


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