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Rever Stabilizer Reviews/ Thoughts

Max Miles

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Hey everyone,

I was looking to upgrade to a Rever Steadicam System and I was trying to look for reviews and good words about it but I can’t seem to find any information on it. I know a few operators with the rig but I wanted to ask you guys first.

I was going to buy a whole rig pack with the sled, arm, and vest but I would like to have any information from owners that have flown one before on here. I’m including the link to the website below! Any thoughts? Thanks!


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Hi Max

Rever has been on the market for many years, and Luciano -the owner- is very active with all his clients, asking questions into the forum or being attentive to any after-sales service, which is always a great sign.

I tried out his new post and the new Rever band arm (The arm is really smooth and strong to lift any heavy camera setup),

All I can tell you are positive things.

Just my 2 cent



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I took the plunge and bought a used one last week. Very impressed so far. The build is incredibly solid for the price. and it feels very capable. You are of course saving money in lots of places but it feels like conveniences mostly. Incredible value for money. 

The arm is defiantly the first upgrade. Just not as responsive as a G70. But again at the price... I cant believe it does what it does. 

The docking bracket is so so. 

Very happy with the rig so far.

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Hey guys, so I'm using the rever bundle for 7/8 months. I'm working in more sports and events area and I'm really happy with the system, the price is good and the material it worth it.

I have been working with light and heavy rigs and the steadicam is 100% smoth on both. 


Fernando Cruz Júnior

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