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Price Reduction: Ravensclaw 75 pound High Payload (rare) Talon Remote Head for sale

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Please read entire post carefully before emailing with questions.  No window shopping please.

For sale is an absolutely pristine, turnkey Ravensclaw High Payload (rare) version of Talon Head, complete with tons of accessories, upgrades and cables:


*High Payload Talon Head:

This is not the standard version of Talon Head which peaks at 50 pounds of payload.  This is the High Payload version from Ravensclaw (the actual manufacturer) and is rated at 75 pounds (easily) of payload and is fully stable even without the outrigger.  This head has been completely redone inside and out with the brushless motor upgrade, high payload bearing upgrade, the backpan/stabilization upgrade which can be individually turned on and off for each axis, all new electronics and wiring within.  This is essentially a new head.


*The Control Console/Wheels:

Also completely redone inside and out with updated electronics, wiring and new carbon fiber casing outside.  A brand new (new style) set of wheels which are as new/unused as well as the original style wheels included.  Console is Mitchell mount with a castle nut.  Comes with two wheel interconnect cables.


*(Two) 2 inch risers (electronic connections).


*Outrigger/Side stabilizer allows for even larger builds with more extreme dynamics.


*Standard and offset camera dovetail mounts.


*Arri style dovetail mount as well as a brand new (still in plastic) Wooden Camera 12 inch dovetail.


*Both the original standard mitchell as well as a brand new/unused new style keyed Mitchell mount and castle nut and castle nut wrench (two).


*Long Power and Control Cables with duplicates (and more) of each.


*Block battery adapter cables (two).


*A/C power supply box.


*Case included and will include brand new interior which allows for head to stay built with outrigger attached which is being fabricated now.


This is a very complete, turnkey two axis remote head that is absolutely bulletproof.

Has all the regular Talon Head features like repeatable moves, etc.

Because it has been upgraded with the backpan/stabilization feature, this head is fantastic for car mounting and other applications.  Turn on or off each axis of stabilization depending on the situation.  This is why most stabilized heads have an issue when mounted to the actual vehicle being shot.  A typical stabilized head wants to maintain it’s heading even when the vehicle turns.  With this Talon Head, you can turn the stabilization off for pan but keep it on for the tilt axis or off all together.

The brushless motor upgrade makes this head even more accurate, repeatable and quiet even at high speeds.


Never sub rented.  Only used on my jobs.

 Price reduction: Selling everything complete for:

$32,000 US.

 You can message me through the forum but i may or may not get it quickly so please email for questions, more details and more photos to:


 Grayson Grant Austin, SOC

All photos were taken by me and are my property and are not to be used for any other purpose.













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